Keep This In Mind

In case you had forgotten about the imminent threat of attack on America by Islamic radicals, an attempted attack on Christmas was a wake up call for our nation. With the reports coming out that there will be increased security at airports and even the suspension of Gitmo releases and relocation, the sobering truth is that these measures are not enough. While I wholeheartedly support a troop surge into Afghanistan, we are doing our servicemen and women (as well as our nation) a grave injustice without the hit squads that were present in the Panshir Valley during the initial stages of our presence in Afghanistan.

For those of you that do not know what I am referring to, I suggest the following books:

Jawbreaker, First In, and The Accidental Guerrillas

For a much more brief version of what I am talking about, watch 60 Minutes segment on Hank Crumpton and his job in Afghanistan. Not once, but TWICE we had a shot at taking out Osama bin Laden, but were REFUSED. The CIA was refused two times to assassinate the mastermind behind 9/11; once under Clinton and the other under 43.

The sobering reminder is that Hank Crumpton says:

“There will be an attack in the homeland. And sadly I think we face that prospect in the future. I think we will be hit again.” He goes on to say that the magnitude of his prediction will be as big, if not greater than 9/11. When Lara Logan asked him if he had any doubt, Crumpton responded with a resounding, “None.”

So while we are grateful that a terror attack was thwarted on Christmas Day, let us not be satisfied. Because, the sad truth is, a firecracker sized device is not what Hank Crumpton is referring to. No, he is referring to bin Laden’s determination to carry out his 1996 fatwa. And our current administration does not have the competency or gall to go on the offensive and eliminate the looming threat of a terrorist attack on OUR homeland.