ObamaWorld Defined

It is always important to understand the context in order to obtain knowledge from the content.  Here are a few of the definitions I took away from SOTU 2010.

Pivot means to move further left into minority territory and hold on tight because we are right.

Don’t worry about 2010 elections means to start elections tonight.

Blame everything on Bush means it is OK to overspend 1 Trillion dollars in 2009; lift the debt ceiling (or lack thereof) another 2 trillion dollars for 2010; and never mind that the Democrats held the Houses since when — 2006 elections?

Separation of Powers means call the Justices out in front of God and country because I don’t like the ruling and I am POTUS!

Create jobs means to heavily tax all the corporations that might have a hiring position because of a global presence; vilify and add punitive taxes to the banks that have paid back their loans and are now prudent about loaning to potential losers; and make sure you surtax the small business owners filing as an individual.

Wealthy means making $250,000 a year no matter where you live.

No lobbyists mean none of your lobbyists but all of my lobbyists and, no, unions are not lobbyists even though they spend time at the White house, help make policy and think they are lobbyists.

Education means that everyone needs to do math and science instead of say mechanics, carpentry, plumbing, electrician, other building trades, cooking, hairstyling, acting, singing, the fine arts, humanities, hair stylists and barbers, history, environmental waste management, supervisors and managers, sports, military, housecleaning, spiritual leaders, or old fashion politicians to name a few unnecessary careers.

Bipartisan means I won and you lost so vote how I tell you and when I tell you but let it never mean – let’s get together and develop a plan where the majority of all Americans might agree on the item in question.

Let’s work together means “Understand now?”