Obama still didn’t say anything.

He has gotten the top-secret and double top-secret briefings. He now knows what Bush knows. He now sees who hates us and who really hates us. He now knows the depth and breath of the threats inside and outside our borders. He has heard the briefings; seen the satellite images and witnessed the reports from people on the ground. The information is the same – all day long – it is not George Bush’s fault. They hate us – me, him, my daughters, his daughters, my spouse, his spouse. They hate us – the USA.

He has promised so much by saying absolutely nothing. He has allowed his image to grow bigger than his reality by saying absolutely nothing. He has wondered the states aimlessly and gathered huge crowds by saying absolutely nothing. Millions of people are thinking it is all George Bush’s fault and O-BA-MAH! can fix all their problems. Even he finally believed that on the trail. He was the wacky professor with all the best advisors and all the best solutions because he knew all the smart people. Truth. It is never easy. It always hurts. It is always hard. Now he knows what Bush knows. His fairy-tale story ends not in JFK’s Camelot but in Tolkien’s Mordor. Saying absolutely nothing is no longer an option and what he believed is no longer his reality. Those best solutions from the wacky professors are just wacky solutions from the ill-informed.

Will the color of his politics, as well the color of his hair, fade into that centrist government everyone hates but is necessary if the government of the United States is to be for all people? Will his constituents understand as promises are broken? Will they see the lines etch permanently into his face from hard choices that are made for all people? Will they understand when they still have to pay their bills, still have to send their kids to the same crummy schools, and still have the same rundown streets?

Soon there will be no back lighting, no haloing, no airbrushing, no shooting from his feet to make him larger than life. Soon there will be no crowds or wacky professors surrounding him. Soon it will be him in an oval room, bad lighting and a desk. He will have to say something. What will he finally say?