I Am Scared to Death, but Confident

I voted at 7:45 am this morning in NJ for Mitt Romney and Joe Kyrillos. I was so pleased to see my polling station packed, however, I do have worries. Living in NJ, there are A LOT of Dems here, and I know my state will go for Obama, but I can’t shake this feeling that Obama MIGHT win this thing, even though I don’t want him to. As of now, Politico shows Obozo has 28 popular votes to Romney’s 14 in Dixville Notch, NH. Not a good sign. I am also afraid of riots should Obozo lose, which threats have been made should Romney win. I have been praying to God for three days now that Mitt pulls this thing off. I know there’s no chance for Kyrillos, but at least I am one of several people who could at least cut into Menendez’s lead.

God bless the USA. Let’s hope Mitt wins. I am still scared, though—very scared.