Trump's Big Announcement Could Sway Election in Romney's Favor

Today, Donald Trump announced via YouTube that he would donate $5 million to a charity of Obama’s choice, if only Obama would release his records. Now, many will say this is silly, and Trump is nothing but a flame and a bigot, but I heartily disagree. This could benefit Romney on two levels:

1. If Obama refuses, it shows he really doesn’t care about the less fortunate, thus painting him as a liar and a fraud, placing him in the same mold as the “enemy” he detests—the uncaring rich.

2. It’ll show, should Obama not accept, that he’s hiding something, and therefore, he’s not being honest again. What is he hiding?

So while many on the right may claim this does not benefit Romney and hurts him, it actually benefits him, because either way Obama loses, unless he has a superb college record and Passport.