New Jersey: The "Sleeper" State

New Jersey, a Democrat bastion, might be in play this year for the GOP. Ever since I was able to vote, I’ve been disappointed every election year because Democrats kept winning, and my choices were losing. McCain had no chance, and, despite being a Romney supporter, I voted for McCain anyway because I was definitely not going to vote for Obama. Well, Obama won, and I was a skeptic because I thought no GOP presidential candidate could unseat him. Now, with renewed hope that Romney could indeed unseat the “High and Mighty Savior of the USA,” I think New Jersey could be play to help elect Romney, and here’s why:

1. The popularity of Governor Christie. Despite hatred of him by the teacher’s union, fireman, labor, and other union-based outlets, Christie is holding a 50%+ approval rating, and has high chances of re-election.

2. Republican strongholds in the south. Southern New Jersey is a Republican bastion, and I think GOP voters will swarm and have large numbers this election year, comparable to Gov. Christie’s election.

3. I have not seen ONE Obama/Biden sign anywhere, but LoBiondo and Romney signs can be seen for miles.

4. New Jersey churches, believe it or not, are preaching against Obama. I go to a Methodist church, and my congregation is VERY conservative, and they plan to “get out the vote” this season.

5. Governor Christie as the leading Republican, and holding the highest office in the land. He will appoint Republican electors to help Romney get the 14 EV needed.

So, with these things, I think there is a good shot for NJ to go red this season.