Jan Schakowsky’s Safe (?) "Seat": Watch Joel Pollak Kicking "It" Six Ways to Sunday. [UPDATED]

Joel Pollak is running a counter-revolutionary, tea party campaign from the district that has six times elected the most liberal congressperson currently in office.

Kind of a tall order, that.

UPDATE: Richard Baehr of American Thinker weighs in:

It is only a matter of time before the national pundits will catch up with what is obvious on the ground — that in Illinois 9, Republican Joel Pollak has real chance to send Jan Schakowsky packing.

And, today I see that Pollak’s fundraiser later this week with Alan Dershowitz is sold out…

If Joel Pollak succeeds in retiring “Public Option” Shillkowsky I hereby promise to say only the most laudatory things about the people of Congressional District IL-9 for as long as they keep him in office.

Some background: last summer, Joel brought his camera to a Schakowsky healthcare townhall meeting. He captured a “community organizer” instructing attendees to drown out dissenters.

Joel didn’t like that.


An old fashioned seat-kicking makes me feel warm and fuzzy about a couple of guys running for congress–Pollak, along with Rev. Isaac Hayes who thinks Jesse Jackson, Jr. is a lousy representative for CD IL-2 by the way–taking their megaphones to protest a crony bailout of the infamous Shorebank, which unfortunately was bailed out for reasons Joel wrote about here.

Now for my favorite Joel appearance on Fox thus far. I recommend you watch the whole clip, as it will prove to be a catalyst in propelling him forward, IMHO. The Fox Chicago interviewers did not totally softball their questions and Joel shines through to the last minutes. Sorry, the embed wouldn’t work, so please be so kind as to click here to watch a rising conservative star.

Ears, here is your music candy written and performed by the man who would retire the Helen Thomas-loving, Blagojevich-bankrolling Schakowsky. Backyardconservative filmed Joel at the Daley Plaza tax day tea party. I like this clip because you are within the crowd with bits of cityscape behind (a different clip has thousands more views, but I previously posted it)

Better hold on now. I bring you a Space-Mountain-dizzying plunge from the Good (above) to the Bad &The Ugly*.

As my hero, Mark Levin, is wont to say, now for the torture part of the blog**. Many of you are familiar (more familiar than anybody sane wants to be) with Rep. Schakowsky. Her stellar performance here in front of a claque of gimme gimme gimme Obaalma worshippers is a classic, so if you’ve the stomach, have at it. This is the part where we come full circle. (In case you didn’t notice, this diary started with health care protesting and ends with health care shilling.

Now for the money quote. Send a message to Jan Schakowsky by sending a bit of love to Joel here.

*Tough! I’m a mature female, too and I can be as chauvinistic as I please.

**Relax! I showed courageous restraint and did not post videos or links for the Helen Thomas and Rod Blagojevich references. This is a website with profanity and porn standards, after all!

h/t Moe for pointers on footnoting.