Too busy to attend the Republican Convention? Or, Dis-invited, maybe?

Since Arnold is too busy with his budget in Caleeforniea to give a prime time speech on the opening day of the Republican National Convention, it reminded me of the convenient absences of our Governor of Illinois. The parallel is not that close, but it got me to thinking.

See, when Barack is having a high level appearance in Illinois, the Governor seems to be too busy with budget crises to attend. The fact that the Governor of Illinois is under investigation and might seem to taint the changehope meme, makes him an unwelcome guest at Obama functions.

Okay, so now that we have domestic energy resources as one of the centerpieces of the McCain/Palin ticket, and one of the keys to our national security, how badly do we need to hear a major speech including hot air about global warming?

And the timing is just perfect. Alaskan Drill Here Drill Now Governor Palin joins the McCain ticket yesterday.

Today Arnold becomes conveniently absent.

Not buying it. Pass on this opportunity to share the stage with the current and future Presidents of the United States of America?

Come on, what do you take us for?