Media bias in action, a tale of 2 secret videos...

Today in Austin, TX, the local newspaper (Austin American Statesman) affectionately known as the Austin American Socialist Statesman to some, ran as its LEAD story smack dab on page one of the front of the rag the headline:

“Romney defends his ’47 percent’ remarks” in bold type.

The funny thing is that nowhere in the paper is to be found the gotcha video of Obama over redistributing wealth from 1998! It’s not just buried and placed in a less obvious spot, it just does not exist.

Given that the 2 stories have in fact been nearly simultaneous, it clearly smells.

The paper has had time to prepare something on the other video for today’s edition, but crickets chirp. Now we learn the good folks at MSNBC are questioning the authenticity of the Obama video, and will not run a piece on it until they verify it’s legit. They give O the benefit of every doubt, even when the comments are consistent with his past statements in 2001 and 2008.

Notice the pattern here? The same media that the blogosphere outperformed in 2004 over Bush’s national guard memo which was determined to be fake in hours ran that story as though the papers were to be trusted.

The defense rests!