Did the left even win the psychological war over labeling colors for the states?

Recall the 1980 election coverage showed Reagan states as in blue, with Carter states in red.  NBC news at least used that:


Supposedly, networks used to switch up the the colors each election or so, but networks, allegedly responding to pressure from leftist groups or trying to help the Democrats out, decided to go back on that for 1984 and maybe on forward to stop the impression setting in that Democrats and liberals are red due to it being fitting since that is a color associated with communism.

As in, like, Red Chinese, or Red Square Moscow, etc.

Did conservatives just go along with this and allow the progressives off the hook here?

Sure seems like it.

It appears like it was cemented for the 2000 election, according to some arguers online.

One board analyst quipped:

“In the USA today, the Republicans are the right-of-center party and the Democrats are the left-of-center party. Historically, who has been the most left-of-center? Communists. What color were they? Red.

Indeed, the color red has long been associated with left-wing or left-of-center movements, from Soviet Communists to the comparatively tame European Social Democrats. In Germany, the previous government – which involved a coalition of Social Democrats and Greens – was referred to as the “Red-Green Coalition.” During the McCarthy era in the US, people with percieved communist leanings were referred to as “pink” – a shade of red.”

The only proof of conspiracy (LOL) I can find was online where the following observation was given on the subject:

“The idea of assigning colors to Republicans and Democrats has been around for more than a century, though the red-blue color scheme has only been fixed relatively recently. Back in 1900, the Chicago Tribune, then a Republican organ, made plans to signal returns on election night by setting off colored fireworks that would be visible around the city. Republican wins would be signaled by blue fireworks and Democratic wins by red fireworks. The Tribune ended up dropping the plan after a Democratic newspaper said they would announce returns using fireworks the opposite color-coding. It seems that each party organ wanted to claim to be “blue” and paint the other party as “red.” The Tribune was following contemporary European usage, where blue often meant right-leaning and red left-leaning. Democrats may have wanted to appropriate the positive connotations of blue (as in true-blue) at a time when red was becoming associated with revolutionaries and anarchists.”

The earliest example of the GOP represented by red being in 1908 for that general election, says the same source.

Some attribute Tim Russert, who many assume was a liberal, with popularizing the scheme, which one might argue could have had an ulterior motive of downplaying the Democrat as a communist connection by color.

Indeed, even in Canada it appears they associate conservatives with blue and liberals as red, I once read online.

This post tries to explain it all as coincidence and TV nework rules to appear fair in color allocation:


Now, all of this might be true, but it seems to me that unless we see a timely switch in colors on TV for general election night, the fix is in. Could it be true the left, with it’s clear MSM pull/influence, has pulled off an image protecting coup?

Given the title of Redstate, it seems conservatives are all to willing to go along with this. Should they?

Heck, look at my nick.

This diary was partly tongue in cheek, but maybe, just maybe, there is more to it than meets the eye, or color…




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