Okay, redmymind is finally going Romney!

I thought I’d never come to say it, but you live and you learn.  After being a passionate Perry supporter, then moving on to the Newt/Santo camp, I have finally made my peace with the Romney camp and am here to stay.

I suspect I’d ruffle a feather or two given that I had taken such a vehemently anti-Romney stance until now, but for me at least, it’s “Game Over.” I’ve fought the good fight as much as prudence and passion would take me, and now I think it’s time to set aside our differences and vigorously support the guy whom we all know in our hearts will end up the nominee.

I have no room in my heart for grudges or past resentments as far as Romney’s not having exactly been the candidate I wanted–not when it comes to contemplating the sheer horror of facing four more years of Barack Hussein Obama! It is for this reason that, as of today, I stop tearing away at Romney and start giving him the support that he needs to make BHO a one-term president!

I am tired of the unhelpful polemics–to which I have contributed in no small measure here at RS–and I’m now willing to give Romney a chance to prove himself. I must confess that I had been rather close-minded about him and had inwardly engaged in an a priori dismissal of his campaign from the start. There are those of us here who firmly believe, however, that he may just pleasantly surprise us all when he’s president. I sure hope so.

My conservative friends here at RS are free to call me a “quick surrender.” I respect their freedom to do so and also strongly empathize with their sense of anger and frustration over our not getting that fantasy “ideal conservative candidate” to face Obama in the fall after such a trying and tortuous primary process (which many still insist is “not over yet,” as I once had not too long ago).

I don’t pretend to have all the answers, much less all the “explanations” to fully satisfy those who might be irked by a change in positions such as mine. Politics ironically not being my forte, I can only rely on the words of some of the conservative statesmen we share a common respect and trust for (i.e., Paul Ryan) who say it is imperative that we set aside our differences NOW (rather than any later) and strongly unite behind our eventual nominee so that he can focus a hundred percent on defeating Barack Obama. Makes sense to me.

I remain no less a conservative as I draw this diary to a close, not to mention a traditional Catholic very often at odds with his own brethren of the “cafeteria” variety. That said, even I can tell when the race is effectively over. “Principled” is not always mutually exclusive of “pragmatic.” Romney is it. No movie-star calibre “ideal conservative candidate” is going to materialize out of thin air to save the day.

Romney’s our nominee. We all know it in our hearts. Whatever living in denial or vowing to “fight on” may do for one’s sense of efficaciousness, it is bleeding away precious time and resources–every bit of which we’ll need to defeat Barack Obama in the fall!

Governor Romney is now my nominee and he has my firm, unequivocal, proud support! My colleagues here at RS know me for many things–both good and bad–but “tepid” they have never known me to be! God bless us all!!! Go Romney!!!