Ron Johnson: A Jim DeMint Disciple Against Big Government

The WSJ had an excellent article about Jim DeMint’s goal of getting more like-minded, anti big government candidates into the senate.  The entire article is worth reading to find out more about DeMint’s PAC and the candidates he’s endorsing, but one paragraph really stood out:

[DeMint] tells me the story of a meeting that Republican senators had with Ron Johnson, the businessman and GOP senatorial candidate in Wisconsin. “He was asked why he’s running for Senate and he stood up, and I hadn’t met him yet, he looked straight at me and he said, ‘I just want to quote DeMint here. I’m coming here to join the fight, not the club.'”

Any candidate who has the courage to look Jim DeMint in the eye and vow to fight big government with him is worth supporting!

The Wisconsin primary is Sept 16.

The country needs Ron Johnson to be the next senator from Wisconsin!

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