Peg Luksik nails it on taxes

For those of you that aren’t familiar with Peg, she is a long-time conservative activist not only in Pennsylvania, but nationally.  She ran for Governor in 1990 against Barbara Hafer in the Republican primary and garnered 46% of the vote in spite of only spending $45,000.  Most recently, she ran against Pat Toomey for the Republican nomination to replace Arlen Specter.  While she was defeated handily, she apparently intends to continue to be a force in politics.  Her latest blog posting, Definitions, is a must-read for anyone that wants to understand what is truly wrong in Washington.  The most relevant excerpt:

The traditional definition of “tax” is the mechanism by which the government is funded.  The funding may have come from the citizens, or from some other source.  But the word, “tax”, meant nothing more than a funding stream.

If you asked most citizens to define “taxation”, that is the definition they would give you.

But the government has a very different definition of taxation.  In the eyes of the government, taxes are the mechanism by which they can control the behavior of citizens.  The government uses taxes to redistribute wealth, to reward or punish the location of a business enterprise, to direct personal and commercial spending decisions, and to stimulate or curtail behavior.

This is about as concise a way to describe the current thinking in Washington on taxes.  We have allowed the tax code to become a weapon that politicians use to control us, rather than the method by which we fund core functions of government.

As Republicans, it is critical that we begin to use words like this to describe our current situation.  These are the words that are the pathway to real, fundamental changes in government.  I’m glad that Peg appears ready to remain engaged in the fight for our liberty, and I look forward to hearing more from her in the future.