And now, we must bail out the teachers

I absolutely despise our public education system.  Despise it.  It is a bottomless pit of useless spending, and our kids are none the smarter for it.  Now, we’re being told that we need to spend another $23 billion in “emergency education funding.”

Education Secretary Arne Duncan says President Obama “absolutely supports” a congressional proposal for $23 billion in emergency education spending in order to stave off teacher layoffs and cancellation of summer classes.

Duncan told CNN Wednesday that the emergency spending request is needed to head off “an education catastrophe, ” in which as many as 300-thousand teachers across the country could be laid off.

I say let them get laid off.  The reality is that school districts all over the country are spending billions and billions of dollars on things that have nothing to do with educating our children.  Note that they weren’t threatening to cut out any of those things like sports programs, dances, school plays, etc, etc.  Granted, I’m not saying that those things are bad necessarily, but they are certainly discretionary when it comes to our children’s educations.  Any private business faced with falling revenue would cut there first.  The schools always threaten to cut necessary items because this ensures that they’ll continue to get more money out of the taxpayer.

You want to fix the failing schools in this country?  Get rid of the teacher’s unions.  Congress needs to take this $23 billion “emergency” appropriation and do something more useful with it.  Like invest in duct tape for Joe Biden’s mouth.