Is Palin too qualified to be Vice President?

The one gigantic negative that Governor Palin brings to the table being ignored by critics of both the left and the right is the fact that she may just be too qualified to be Vice President. Here we have a mother of five, a hunter, former city council member, former mayor of a small town, and former beauty queen. Which of these you ask, makes her too qualified to be VP? Well, all of them, frankly.

To the point, Palin is, quite frankly, a real person. Palin has more in common with you and I than Biden, Obama or McCain could ever hope to have. Add to her resume the fact that one of her children has Down Syndrome and the fact that we just today learned that her 17 year old daughter is pregnant, and Palin has had real life experiences…experiences just like you and I and the rest of America face every day.

This is no political animal, Washington insider, who has lived her entire life with an eye on public office. She’s not the daughter of a politician, bred to live the life of a politician. This is a real woman, with real problems, real struggles and real experience in the real world. This is someone who, like Reagan, is simply guided by her principles. Reagan had zero public policy experience when he became Governor of California. He simply evaluated each problem facing him and applied the principles that he so strongly held. Palin appears to be of the same mold, and this is the mold of true of leadership.

I would submit that Governor Palin is not unqualified to be Vice President, she is too qualified. She is too much like you and I to play second fiddle. I have been reluctant to support McCain, for various reasons, since he became the presumptive nominee. Now I find myself excited about this race, not because Palin drastically changes the ticket or my dislike for McCain. Rather, because this is the woman that I want a heartbeat away from the Presidency. This is the woman that I’m willing to grin and bear four or eight years of McCain for. Palin for President in 2016.