We have been had. It's time to stop electing RINOS!!!

I am sick and I am tired of all these pathetic RINOS infiltrating the Republican party!!!  I watched Scott Brown win MA with glee on the eve of Barack Obama’s 1 year anniversary of “winning” the election in 2008.

Thing is,  we have been had.

We worked so hard to elect a democrat lite.  I’m tired of it.  And I cannot take it anymore.

This is the exact reason that right now I want those willing to not vote for any “mushy” republicans in the senate primaries that come in 2010.  This includes list includes

Kelly Ayotte (RINO-NH), John McCain (RINO-AZ),  Tom Campbell (RINO-CA), and Mike Castle (RINO-DE).

These are the only ones I can think of off the top of my head right now, I am fuming mad about this Jobs bill crap that Scott Brown just signed onto, and I am telling you, if any of these people I listed above wins their primary and then the general, its going to be these dem lites that have control of the GOP.  I will do everything I can to stand against it, and all of these people I just listed have LEGITMATE Conservative Primary opponets.  It already looks like Rubio is a done deal, so at least we got that Freak Crist out of the race, but we have already shot ourselves in the foot, Mark Kirk if from a LEAN DEM DISTRICT!!!!  You really think he has conservative credentials?  In my eyes, he has already sold his soul for appeasing his constituency.

Its your choice, vote for Mushy Democrat Lites that are essentially Arlen Spectors and Scott Browns, or we can elect real conservatives similar to Jim DeMint.  Your choice.