My friends, it's time to take down McCain and his RINO friends.

This, My Friends, is how we end the McCain wing of the republican party, in which there are several members.

I haven’t been here for very long, but I believe that the RINOs that are infecting our side of the senate need to die.  Step one was pushing out Arlen Specter, we did that on an off election year.  Step two is to push that democrat lite Charlie Crist out in the primary, and it looks more like that will occur with each passing day.

Now its time to push out the big fish, the king of the dem lites: John McCain.

In case you didn’t read the poll, its from Rasmussen, and it states that:







John McCain is beatable against ex rep from Arizona’s fifth District and current radio host J.D. Hayworth.  I have recently been pulling for Simcox, but he isn’t polling well, while Hayworth is a much stronger Conservative that McCain, but is not yet in this race yet, and is currently only mulling about it.

We can single handwdly end that very virus that is infecting the republican party by taking out McCain, but we need to show Hayworth that he has our support.  I call upon the Redstate community to contact J.D. Hayworth and request that he join in the primary, and that we will contribute to his campaign as well as vote for him in the primary and the general.  You can use his contact form on the radio stations website here

If we can push out McCain, we can push out Carly Fiorina in California for Chuck DeVore, Kelly Ayotte in New Hampshire in for real conservative Ovide Lamontagne, Abortionist Mike Castle in Deleware for Christine O’Donnell.

I may just have my head in the clouds, but I really believe that we can take back the Senate with the republican party actually being CONSERVATIVE rather than this disgusting mushy in the middle Semi-conservative Democrat lite party.  American is Conservative, and we just need to produce conservative candidates.

Please, if you want to end the tyrany that is currently in our congress in 2010 and take back the White House in 2012, we need to become the conservative party again, and by taking out McCain, it will show voters we are serious.