27 Days

From the diaries, by Erick

Well, we’re 27 days away from a new year.

The year.

The year we’ve been talking about for 14 months.

I have a question for you. What are you prepared to do?

Are you going to just sit by, worry, be anxious and complain about how everything is being messed up in our country?

Or are you going to do something about it?

Yes, I know we are all happy/unhappy with our members of Congress.

If you’re happy with your Members of Congress, have you told them? Have you volunteered on their campaign? Have you offered to host a coffee for them to allow them to meet your neighbors and friends? Have you promoted them through Facebook, Twitter or any other social media? Have you joined in the comment section of your local online news outlet? Have you written letters to the editor of your local newspapers? If not, why not?

If you’re not happy with your Members of Congress, have you told them? Have you stepped into the race to take the seat? Have you found their opponent and volunteered for their campaign? Have you told your friends and family why you won’t be supporting the incumbent? Do they have an online presence? If they don’t know what it is, could you be the one who teaches them what they need to do? If not, why not?

Have you gone to a meeting at your local Republican Party? Is the leadership conservative? If not, have you made plans to infiltrate and take it back from the moderates? Do they have a social media presence? Are you willing to help them learn why it’s important to the network in your county? If not, why not?

We are not all called to be the candidate. We are not all called to finance the campaign. We are not all called to traipse around the countryside and put up signs in the craziest of places. And we are not all called to make phone calls and stuff envelopes.

But, I do believe that we, as people interested in and passionate about this thing called liberty, do have a responsibility to be involved in some way.

As Rush has taught of late, become the person of influence on political matters in your group. Someone will speak and fill that vacuum, especially in the coming political year. Shouldn’t it be a conservative voice?

This is our year. The tide is turning hard for the Democrats and most have yet to realize that President Obama’s coattails have left them behind, holding an anvil.

So again I ask: What are you prepared to do?