An Irate, Tireless Minority: What the Republican Party Needs to Learn from the Tea Party Movement

Listening to Michael Steele, the Chairman of the Republican National Committee, earlier this week on the Sean Hannity radio show, I knew they didn’t get it.

Now, granted, this wasn’t some new revelation that shook me to the core. The signs have been around for all to see for years. In fact, we who have paid attention have complained about it.

The Republican Party pulled conservatives close during election season when they needed letters to be stuffed, calls to be made and yard signs to be planted. But when it came to governing, they completely forgot who we were. Instead of a place at the table, we were energetically invited to be the servers and then quietly dismissed as the “real work” is done. We retreated to our families, our churches and our businesses as life resumed, the life we fought so hard to protect and maintain through our civic involvement.

But then something happened. We saw the government spending accelerate astronomically: bailouts, stimulus packages, limits on executive pay, confiscation of corporations to be used as political plunder.

It was evident to us. We could see the horrifying ramifications for our country and our posterity.

And we said, “Enough.”

Through the rise of the tea party movement, the match had been struck and, as Samuel Adams said, “It does not require a majority to prevail, but rather an irate, tireless minority keen to set brush fires in people’s minds.”

Across the country, people who had never protested before stood up and said, “No.” Well, not just no, but “Hell, no.”

Because Barack Obama was the President and a Democrat, Republican leaders mistakenly thought this would be great for them and their interests. But they didn’t realize this had nothing to do with Democrat vs. Republican. It had everything to do with liberty vs. tyranny.

Who would stand against the statists, not merely appease them, but to stop them? Who would remember the principles of free markets that made this country great? And who would step forth, possibly to be destroyed in the press, to oppose the progressive movement?

Very few come to mind.

But, and this is where the lesson comes in, those who did stand up and oppose this progressive grab of power amassed a large contingent of supporters overnight. Those who didn’t, faced our wrath.

Congressman Joe Wilson stood with the voice of a nation as he yelled out, “You lie!” Was it out of order in the House of Representatives? Maybe, according to their rules. But it was the voice of freedom calling out from the heartland. Yes, he put a target on his back but he also reaped the rewards of one who has done battle for the patriots.

Doug Hoffman in NY-23 is challenging the Republican Party as the conservative in a race that never should have been. Are you so tone deaf to think that in this age you would get away with an ACORN-backed RINO to the left of the Democrat? Do you not hear us?

Not all of us are looking to start a third party.

We want your Party. We want OUR party back.

And we aim to fight for it.

Originally posted 10.31.09/3:20 a.m.