There's No Such Thing As A Pro-Life Democrat

Many Republicans have known this for a long time, but given the focus on Rep. Bart Stupak’s “pro-life” coalition and its role in giving Pelosi the votes necessary to push through the health care deform bill, it’s worth revisiting: There’s no such thing as a pro-life Democrat.

Consider this exchange between Stupak and a constituent at a town hall meeting in Cheboygan, Mich., on October 24, 2009 (h/t Dr. David Madeira, who, incidentally, is running to unseat ObamaCare supporter Chris Carney in PA-10):

Constituent: I guess it still bothers me that at the end of the day, yes, you would have said your voice but the one more voice would be that vote at the end of the day that would be “ok even though I didn’t get what I wanted I am still going to vote in favor of taxpayer-funded abortions.

Rep. Bart Stupak: But isn’t that the way our country works?  If the majority of people vote against us and they want to put it in there–

Constituent: But you will still have a chance to vote on behalf of the fact that you have the Michigan Right to Life endorsement and 62% of Americans don’t want this, you would vote against the bill at the end of the day?

Stupak: Well I may not.  It depends on what– I don’t want to see abortion in there. And I gotta get a chance to vote on that somewhere along in this process.  But that doesn’t mean– and if I lose that vote, that doesn’t mean I vote against the whole bill then.

Constituent: It doesn’t?

Stupak: No.

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Moral of the story: there’s also no such thing as a “conservative” or “moderate” Democrat. Check out Stupak’s GOP challenger Dan Benishek and work to throw out every Pelosi-enabler in Congress, starting with those who masquerade as moderates.