URGENT: Immediate Action If We Are To Save The Conservative Movement

For those of you still in denial of how dire the condition of the Conservative movement has become, now Meagan McCain is considering leaving the Republican party.

I wish that was a joke, but no…no it isn’t.  I have this from a couple of sources (Daily Beast, Breitbart).  If we don’t get our act together as a party, and I mean FAST, John McCain’s daughter wants us to know that she is considering leaving the party effective sometime around 2016.  That gives us just four years people!

I’m sure I don’t have to spell it out for y’all, what this could mean (my grammar is crap).  As if it’s not bad enough that we’ve apparently lost the Hispanic vote, we may now be on the precipice of alienating the spoiled debutante constituency.  As you know, no candidate has ever won election without at least one ego-saturated, quasi-valley girl princess!

Ms. McCain did leave us with one small emoticon of hope.  She’s not talking about joining the Democratic party and taking her many follower with her, just going Independent…politically that is, not “independent” of her parent’s wealth and the vicarious status earned through many grueling years of correctly spelling her last name.

What say you now, all you doubters who’ve questioned the existence of hell?  I ask you to now contemplate wandering alone through the desert with no Meagan McCain to lead us!  If this doesn’t wake us up, then we deserve our fate.