Here's how the Journolists tried to fool us today

So I’m reading about Sarah Palin’s speech in Wisconsin today, which was brilliant by the way.  I think the question has been answered because this sounded like a campaign speech to me.

Anyway the liberal hack reporter for the Associated Press, some joker named Todd Richmond, of course littered the article with the usual “subtle suggestions” intended to slant the narrative in the “correct” manner so we rubes in trailer park country get the right message.

First, the fool reports that “hundreds” of people showed up to hear Palin’s speech.  Later, when he has to report the crowd estimate from the Capitol Police of 6,500 he makes sure to tell us that the Capitol Police is an agency of Gov. Walker’s Administration.  Thanks, I thought they were an agency of the Justice League of America…boy do I feel dumb.  I get it though, they’re an Executive Branch agency so it must be a conspiracy to boost those crowd numbers all the way up to the completely unrealistic and astronomical number of between six and seven thousand people! Where’s Oliver Stone?  By the way…how many people did the media say were at the Obama Inauguration?  It was like six billion right?  How about the “Million” (Ha!) Man March?

The best part was Richmond’s interview with a union creep named Tim Wersland who “can’t believe these people are for real” and thinks Palin is “biased”.  Imagine that…a liberal reporter who pretends to be neutral, using a statement from an anti-Palin protester who calls her “biased” to try to…suggest…and she’s never said she wasn’t biased you idiot…she’s a politician, she’s not supposed to be biased…you are, you @#$%…  I’m getting a nosebleed.

Of course this Wersland goon was only one of “hundreds” of counter-protesters…see, now “hundreds” is a lot!  So Imagine how embarrassed Richmond was when he saw that a Reuters journolist named Nick Carey also interviewed Wersland for his article which was posted two minutes later.  Gee, that’s embarrassing.  I guess that’s why a few hours later Richmond deleted that part of his article and replaced it with a quote from some “lady” named Kathy Abel who wants us all to know that she hated Palin “before it was cool”…my response to that would get me banned from this site.

You’d think that out of the throngs of counter-protesters…I mean…what are the odds that two reporters working for different news agencies would stumble upon the same “man on the street” and interview him…and apparently never see each other even though the articles were posted within minutes of each other?

In all fairness, Wersland seems to have that kind of luck with the media.  He was previously interviewed…out of the many thousands and trillions of anti-Walker protesters…on March 11th by IPS News reporter Katrin Dauenhauer who happened to stumble upon this random iron worker.

It’s almost like the media have certain “go-to” people for sound bites.

Here are the links, see for yourself.  This is how stupid they think we are.

http://www.reuters.com/article/2011/04/16/us-usa-campaign-palin-idUSTRE73F2UP20110416 The Nick Carey article

http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/20110416/ap_on_re_us/us_wisconsin_tax_rally The original Richmond article

http://www.kansascity.com/2011/04/16/2804338/labor-protesters-surround-tea.html “The corrected version”

http://www.socialistbulletin.com/international/wisconsinpolicesupportprotest The March 11 interview