Lasting Impressions

While the stump speeches proved to be an interesting experience, this weeks debate proved to be even more interesting.
Candidate Silas Hansen was a disappointment to the republican committee, coming well unprepared to discuss his views as well as his positions on his issues. Mostly failing to answer any question thourougly.
Candidate Michelle Lewis came prepared and well organized just like in her previous stump speech. Her confidence proved to be a bit intimidating to the other candidates, and when Lewis was bombarded with an overload of Questions, she responded patiently and respectfully.
Now President Dorgan, was highly more prepared for the days debate and came skyrocketing to the people’s interests. While his presence was lacking confidence, he spoke passionately about his issues and covered them well, recognizing his flaws from past stump speeches. Overall he won over the hearts of the people, a disappointing outcome to the once overconfident republicans.