Who will make it to the winners circles?

exactly can we as citizens expect from our 2011 candidates? The race to the
winners circle of this years election will certainly be a close call. With two
republican candidates, and one democrat this presidential election should be an
interesting one.

biggest issue in the 2011 race, according to Sirus Guru, will be the economy and
foreign policy. Which ever candidate has the best campaign strategy will rise
above the rest, democrat or republican. Each candidate must be firm on their
issues and beliefs, their speeches will reflect whether they are indeed suitable
enough for office.

seem to think Senator Kent Dorgan has the best chance in pulling through in this
election. He remains alone on the democratic side but still must find a way to
appeal to the peoples needs, while battling two conservative opponents. He is
known for being a true believer in his issues, and could help push him ahead in
the 2011 election.

most think the two republican candidates will be battling against each other,
Congressman Silas Hanson seems to have the biggest chance. His background
certainly relates to the people and he is the perfect fuel to the conservative
fire. If he can create a solid campaign strategy he is sure to gain the support
of many republican voters.

his republican opponent Governor Michelle Lewis is an attractive and has very
great background in state. It is up to her to show exactly how she will use the
background to win over the people, with knowledge and passion, not

election will push each candidate to their full potential, and the citizens of
the United States will be faced to see each candidate in a different light. It
is up to them to show whether or not it is enough to run the country.