Bush is at it Again

Bush just had to sneak in a few more hurricanes before he left office, but this is incredible, now Ike, on his own Texans.

I can’t believe it has come to this, but I actually feel the need to mention that the above statement is me being sarcastic. How has it come to this: a president being blamed for hurricanes!

Houston’s Democratic Mayor Bill White just scolded FEMA and demanded the Federal Agency “deliver” during a National Press Conference.

It looked grim in Houston.

This is the same Mayor White who after welcoming over 250,000 Hurricane Katrina evacuees/refugees from New Orleans then just weeks later completely flubbed the Houston evacuation during Hurricane Rita where 110 people were killed.

Accountability skipped right over Mayor White and all local authorities and instead the blame slammed directly into State and Federal officials.

President Bush and FEMA will get tagged again one last time and this time Senator McCain will be implicated as a Bush third term who can’t manage FEMA or Hurricane’s in general.


This explains why the left wing can’t comprehend that Sarah Palin’s executive experience as both Governor and Mayor (no matter how small the town, or how low the state population) is relevant. The Democrat Mayors and Governors will not take any responsibility.

It was Bill White’s responsibility to evacuate his city; just as it was New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin’s responsibility to evacuate his city, and not George Bush’s.

The leftwing media all need to take a Poly Sci 101 class: any responsibility not allocated to the Federal Government in the constitution is the responsibility of the State Government. This is commonsense. How would any reasonably intelligent person expect the President to travel all fifty states(not 57 Barry) and take on the Mayor’s and Governor’s responsibilities? Why do we even have State Government if that’s the case?