Barry’s Going to Make Government Cool Again

Does this mean that Barry is going to hand out Che Guevara t-shirts at his campaign rallies? Cool is obviously not synonymous with intelligence e.g. Matt Damon, but then again Barry doesn’t even know how many states there are and he has a chance of becoming president. Maybe government will be cool again (when was government ever cool?) but I sure hope not. I think of myself as a fairly level headed person, and I also have my priorities straight, however a “cool” government is not high on my list. Let’s let the “cool” people remain in Hollywood. I want a president that is focused on keeping me and my family safe, and not concerned about being “cool”.

Vote McCain, he may not be all that “cool”, but he does know how many states there are.

P.S. My fiancée thinks John McCain is cool; please don’t hold that against Senator McCain.