"Lip Stick on a Pig" Now Palin's Responsibility?

I lost a great deal of respect for Bill O’Reilly when he aired his Barack Obama interview on the same night as John McCain’s nomination speech. But now he is inferring that Gov. Sara Palin should disabuse Barack Obama’s ‘lipstick on a pig’ gaffe.

On O’Reilly’s Wednesday Sep. 10th edition of The Factor he said to Dick Morris:

O’Reilly: I want you to react to this: If I were advising John McCain, I would have said get Sara Palin out there right now, and say, “Barack Obama didn’t really mean that, come on, let’s get to the issues”. That would be tremendous.

Morris: That would be a great move. You listening, guys?

Whether Obama was sneaking in a low blow-calling Sara Palin a pig-or simply making yet another gaffe does not matter. Is it now Sara Palin’s job to fix Obama’s mistakes?

John McCain did not release his Palin pick until the day after Obama’s nomination speech, and not the day of, because he is running an honorable campaign. Obama did not reciprocate that kind gesture, and Bill O’Reilly contributed to the undermining of McCain’s nomination speech in order to receive high ratings.

Does Bill O’Reilly really have any business giving advice on campaign etiquette?