Go Ahead and Veto, Mr. President

Make Our Day!


I look forward to your explanation as to why the federal government should spend the country into oblivion, when many of the States are required to balance their budgets each and every year….and in fact, some are actually running small surpluses!

I look forward to your explanation as to why the federal government should be entitled to at least one out of every four dollars of our Gross Domestic Product…levels of spending not seen since World War II.  What does the federal government need with that amount of money??  Can you really believe that Washington is better able to decide what money should be spent on what, given the abysmal record thus far in education, welfare and social services?

I look forward to your defense of continuing the massive waste of taxpayer funds on treadmills for shrimp, educating Chinese prostitutes, bridges to nowhere and high speed rail projects that will require continued subsidies while nearly one in five recent college graduates are struggling to find jobs.

I look forward to your defense of adding additional tax burdens on the wealthy, the top 1% of earners who already pay 40% of the total revenue collected by the IRS in personal income taxes.

I look forward to your defense of the spending in the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (“The Stimulus”) that has failed to lift the economy as you predicted.  I look forward to your proof that you can, in fact, spend your way out of a recession or depression, despite the overwhelming historical evidence to the contrary.

I look forward to your substantiation that hiring tens of thousands more IRS auditors, EPA inspectors and other bureaucrats can improve our quality of life, increase our freedom and enhance our pursuit of “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.”

The Wall Street Journal quotes you as saying

“There will be huge differences between now and November 2012 between the parties. And whoever the Republican nominee is we’re going to have a big, serious debate about what we believe is the right way to guide America forward… I’m confident that I will win that debate.”

There’s only one problem with that plan, Mr. President.  By next November, we will likely have added another $2T in debt to the already unsustainable total that you’ve rung up in the last two and a half years.  The time for that debate is now — we cannot afford to wait 16 more months.

We need to make the hard choices now, and the budgets and other ideas submitted by the Republicans that you have dismissed so easily are the grounds for that debate.

The time for action, not debate, is now.  The Republicans are offering a concrete, sensible plan — not vague generalities and accounting gimmicks that treat additional spending as ‘cuts.’  The Republicans in the House have come up with ideas and strong principles to eliminate unnecessary spending and reduce the size of government to affordable levels.

Put your plan on the table, and let’s have the debate. Now, not later. Let the American people see the differences you allude to, and let them contact their Representatives and Senators to voice their opinion.

Then have a clear, no gimmicks vote in both Houses and get on with governing for the people.  If you choose to veto the bill after all of that, be ready to defend your position.  We’ll be waiting to see how it develops.