The Third Element -- Making Sure the Election Results are True

Cold Warrior has been laser-focused and relentless in his passion to reform the Republican Party from within. Others have been equally energetic and effective in getting us at RedState ‘off the couch’ and getting folks involved, especially in getting people to the polls.  The results in the primaries show significant changes are happening all around the country.  These two elements are essential to restoring our representative government.

The third element is just as important — ensuring that every vote counts and that all votes are counted accurately.  This important aspect of elections is often downplayed or neglected — but we must act quickly and decisively to ensure that all the effort spent on the first two elements is not washed away by a corrupted process of electoral vote counting.

The news of the Civil Rights Commission hearings and the New Black Panthers Party actions during the election of 2008 are but one example.  News from Houston Texas, prompted by actions of Houston area Tea Party patriots, shows that electoral fraud is common.  Having grown up in the 60s with jokes about dead people voting in Cook County, Illinois, through the Bush/Gore election of 2000, the Al Franken election in Minnesota in 2008, and other examples driven by Acorn powered voter registrations in other states, I’ve begun to very seriously worry about the issue.  In fact, in a quote I read this week, but can’t remember so I can link to it, a Democrat strategist has openly opined that in order for fraud to not be a factor, “the Republican has to win by 3%.”

With the number of close races — Reid v Angle, Gillibrand v Gioguardia, Boxer v Fiorina, and others, we cannot allow sloppy registration or improper voter qualifications & voting procedures to dominate these races.  We simply must get enough observers and auditors out to the polls during the elections and question the registrars before the votes are counted.

The folks in Houston are assembling teams to work this issue, one that should spread across the country– particularly where ACORN and other groups have done the most damage.

But beyond the immediate tactical need to ensure votes are counted accurately and consistently, I think we need to pressure the new Congress to ensure votes are provided the integrity and accuracy that our Republic requires:

  • They should examine the record surrounding the impact of the “Motor Voter Act” and take action to ensure abuses are ELIMINATED.  If that requires repeal of the legislation, so be it.
  • They should examine and rectify any issues related to absentee ballots for military members serving away from their registered locations.  Several states have indicated that they can’t ensure ballots are “mailed out and received in time” in this election cycle — that is just wrong. This must be fixed.
  • They should examine and encourage voting methods that are secure and audit-able from end-to-end to ensure that nothing corrupts the process.  No more “hanging chads” or rigged mechanical tabulators.  Although I shy away from imposing federal standards for elections, informal consensus through the various associations of State officials should be able to be obtained.  This is one issue that should be able to gain authentic bi-partisan support.
We have a long and proud tradition of representative government that has made this country truly exceptional.  We are currently in a malestrom of confusion which is attempting to alter our country without the consent of the governed.  It is essential that the means that expresses that consent be beyond question or reproach — or we have lost what our Founders bequeathed us and millions have fought and served to sustain.
We should not accept anything less than the most accurate and traceable process possible.  If citizens are unsure that their vote matters, that perception will corrode the foundation of our government and lead to the soft tyranny that Mark Levin has so ably described.
We simply cannot allow the current state of affairs to continue.