The President's Other "Quote of the Week"

H/T to National Review from the Corner, Thursday April 29.

Everyone has already made the relevant points about the President’s quote about making enough money. There’s no need to spill any more ink over that remark.

But earlier this week, while speaking to reporters on Air Force One, he had more bits of discourse that reflect his thinking in pretty interesting ways.  From The Corner, quoting another blog:

President Obama: “We’ve gone through a very tough year and I’ve been working Congress pretty hard (emphasis mine). So I know, there may not be an appetite immediately to dive into another controversial issue. There’s still work that needs to be done on energy. Mid-terms are coming up. So, I don’t want us to do something for the sake of politics that doesn’t solve the problem.”(emphasis mine again)

Let’s see…where does one begin?

First, let’s consider that the President has basically described Congress as his staff and not the co-equal branch of government that it is.  Congress, directly elected by the voters, is the body created to consider and enact the laws that the Executive Branch carries out.  The President, technically is not directly elected — that whole Electoral College thing found in the Constitution is the official body that chooses the President.

The Senators and Representatives are not his employees to ‘be worked pretty hard’ by the direction of the President!!  The fact that he poses the issue this way is definitely illuminating, in much the same way as his ‘money quote’ from this week, and the ‘spread the wealth around’ from the summer of 2008.

Second, for the President to insist that he isn’t going to do something ‘for the sake of politics that doesn’t solve the problem’ is one of the more breathtaking examples of cognitive dissonance that I’ve ever seen. How many ways has the administration done exactly the opposite of what the President insists he isn’t going to do:

  • The Stimulus Bill that failed to fix unemployment but loaded billions into Democrat districts
  • The Health Care Reform Act that leaves millions without insurance and adds hundreds of billions to the deficit (although technically, the President was therefore right that it wouldn’t ‘add one thin dime to the deficit’…)
  • The Cap and Trade bill that destroys the economy while doing virtually nothing to ‘solve’ global climate change
  • The Financial Reform Bill working its way through the Senate that makes bailouts permanent and makes a mishmash out of ‘too big to fail’ while giving the President and the Treasury sweeping powers to seize companies.
And the year is still young, as the saying goes.
This quote shows that the President has a unique perspective on the relationship between the President and Congress. In my opinion, it also shows that he really believes that he can say anything and we’ll accept it without thinking.
It’s long past time to demonstrate that we do listen to the President and think for ourselves.  It’s also long past time for us to clarify our expectations with our Representatives and Senators with respect to how we want the two branches of Government to govern us.
Remember November.