Vote Fraud Alert: More Federal Over-Reach is on the way

John Fund of the Wall Street Journal has done his usual superior work to illuminate the acceleration of voting problems which is just around the corner.  When you have time, read the whole thing.

He frames the issue squarely:

Election laws should be clear, simple, applied equally, and balance ease of voting with the need for ballot integrity.

But that’s not what’s going to happen.  After the extraordinary outcome of the Senate election in Wisconsin (hello, Senator Franken), which took post election manipulation and court actions to insane heights, Senator Feingold wants to make sure the rest of the states have the same capability.  He is introducing legislation that according to Mr. Fund, will “mandate same-day registration in every state…”

Not to be outdone, Senator Schumer of New York is also introducing legislation:

Sen. Chuck Schumer of New York is readying a bill to override the election laws of all 50 states and require universal voter registration—which would automatically register anyone on key government lists. This is a move guaranteed to create duplicate registrations, register some illegal aliens, and sow confusion.

So we must energize now and let our Representatives and Senators know that:

1) Federal protection in voting is limited to ensuring equal protection and non discrimination; there is no basis for ‘sweeping aside the laws of the 50 states’.  Using ‘universal registration from lists’ will ensure the same dead people that get Social Security checks will also vote.  This is a really dumb idea.

2)  Any attempt to make voter registration ‘automatic’ or unverifiable (as ‘same day’ registration would be..) will not be allowed.

The contortions and manipulations of election laws over the past couple of decades have resulted in more fraud, not less.  The WSJ article cites the example of Minneapolis having something more than 4,000 votes counted than voters that showed up to the polls.

This obvious weakening of the value of each citizen’s vote has led some to become more apathetic and disenfranchised, which is a bad thing for the future of our country. It is vital that a nation operated by the ballot box must ensure that ballot box has integrity.  Part of that integrity is to demand that voters themselves take this act seriously enough to fully participate — show up in person and vote, except for the most compelling of reasons. Voting is not an ‘inconvenient act’…it is the way each citizen participates in self governance.

We understand the importance of the right to vote, and the price paid to ensure that right is not diluted or destroyed.

We need to ensure that fair election laws are enacted and uniformly enforced.  We must ensure that our elected officials understand they will be accountable for making this happen.