An Open Letter to Senators Lindsey Graham and Mitch McConnell

Dear Senators:

I want to thank you for your years of dedicated public service and your dedication to doing what’s right for America.

I have not always agreed with everything you have done — but that standard is unachievable and unrealistic. I realize that governing is a contact sport, and that your efforts in the Senate are subject to political compromise and judgement.  In the main, you have done a reasonable job.

But these are no longer reasonable times. The contortions that the Democrat leadership in the Senate and the House just went through to pass seriously flawed and probably unconstitutional changes to our health care should show you that.  The backroom deals, the duplicitous pronouncements, the callous disregard for the opinions of the voters and taxpayers should all demonstrate that.  The fact that they are now granting the President the power to effectively change American law by Executive Order, which by definition cannot have power over the private sector, is also troubling.

In the words of Representative Alcee Hastings, ‘they are making up the rules as they go along.’

Under these conditions it is impossible to deal in good faith with them.  Therefore, I urge you to stop any further discussions on Immigration reform.

Once again, with Immigration as there was with Health Care, there is broad consensus that the current system is not working as well as it should, and a stark and sharp distinction between the Democrats and Republicans as to the solution.  Negotiation and compromise can only be successful when there is a clearly articulated common objective.  It is already patently obvious to anyone with a pulse that agreement on a common objective is lacking here — so please do not waste your time or the nation’s time trying to craft an agreement.

The American public wants solutions to real problems — but as the millions of Tea Party members  and countless others have shown, the context of the solution must reside within the bounds of the Constitution.  It must also not bankrupt the Treasury or alter our free market based economy.  Three pretty simple ingredients.

Until Republican and Democrat leaders can agree to these basic premises, there is no benefit to continuing. Continuing the charade will only elevate tensions between the two sides and further entrench the special interests driving the process.

In addition, there is no point in negotiating with a party that cannot be trusted.  How many promises were made and broken along the way with Health Care?  Will you be able to ensure that Immigration Reform will be any different?  If not, stop.  Do not pass “Go.”

Do the right thing for America. Don’t add a disastrous 2,000+ page bill on Immigration that no one has read to the wreckage already created.