Who is the President fighting against?

The President went to Ohio on Friday to make sure the country knows that he’s fighting for them about jobs and health care.  He “won’t stop fighting to bring jobs back to hard working Americans.”

I have to wonder:  who is he fighting with?  Who, exactly is the opponent here?  Who is against creating jobs and growing the economy?

Is he suggesting that he is fighting with business leaders and owners, whose prosperity and productivity depend on the labor supplied by the workers?  That seems unlikely.

Is he suggesting that he is fighting with the local Chambers of Commerce, which exist to promote business creation and economic development?  Seems unlikely as well.

Is he fighting against local and state governments, which both spend lots of effort to attract businesses and jobs to broaden the local tax base?  No, I don’t think so.

So why does he feel the need to “fight” for jobs?  If there is a fight about job creation, the opponent must be anyone who is against the elements needed to create jobs:  capital, markets, raw materials and means to transform these into products, and a workforce that can make it all happen.  Who is against these things?

The answer is pretty easy to see:  environmentalists want us to suppress the use and creation of energy; they want to limit the environmental effects of manufacturing (not necessarily a bad thing, but it can drive up costs); labor unions want workers to gain benefits, often greater than their members’ labor can create; liberals want taxes and regulation on capital in order to ‘spread the wealth around.”

In short, the President seems to be in a shadow boxing match with his own side.

Maybe they should give that some thought.