"Afterburner" Will Fire You Up

The emergence of ‘new media’ has allowed a range of talented and passionate conservatives to state the case for conservatism and action, avoiding the “State Run Media” altogether.

The folks at Pajamasmedia, with their relatively new venture known as PJTV are a case in point.  One of the main voices at PJTV is Bill Whittle, with a feature he calls ‘Afterburner’ in reference to his early days as a Navy fighter pilot.  His most recent video is terrific.  See the whole thing…it will get you motivated.

I for one am 100% behind his point–we can’t let this series of initiatives: Cap and Trade, Health Care, Bailouts, etc.  weaken our resolve.  We have to keep on fighting.

Newt made points near Christmas saying the same thing from a historical perspective — when things look bleak, more resolve, more action and more creativity are needed.

Nothing is inevitable — shoot, even North Carolina lost a basketball game last night to a under-matched opponent!