"When You Have Your Health, You Have Everything"

Folks my grandparents’ age used to say that all the time as they transitioned into retirement while I  was growing up.  They didn’t realize how true their words were then, and how much more true they are today.

When the Congress makes the health care reform official, they truly will have everything — everything that matters to us as individuals.  Just as the EPA is now making sweeping changes to the economy in the guise of fighting Carbon Dioxide because it poses a danger to humans, the new medical bureaucracies we are about to unleash will make pronouncements on virtually everything we touch, each or do.  It may not happen right away, but it will happen.  Just look at New York City and California for a glimpse at our future:

  • In the name of fighting obesity, regulations regarding sodas, barbeque and fast foods will restrict our ability to consume them — mostly through higher taxes.  Say good by to entry level jobs, folks.
  • To fight obesity, will mandatory exercise classes be far behind? (no pun intended).
  • In the name of fighting cancer, there will be even higher taxes on tobacco, plastics, cell phones, coffee, or any other thing found to lead to cancer…and that is a very long list.  All the better to soak up more revenue for the state.
  • In the name of reducing injuries and death, get ready to have various makes and types of automobiles declared a danger to public health.  Motorcycles?  C’mon–you know they’re going to make the list.  Another plus: reducing the number of vehicles we can buy will force us onto the buses and trains that work so well in our major cities.
  • Look for meat to join the endangered list as well. It’s a two-fer; reducing livestock reduces greenhouse gases and saves the planet as well as reducing cholesterol and obesity. If meat is allowed to stay on the list, forget about grilling it — cancer alert!
This list is limited only by the imagination of those who think they understand better than we do how to live our lives. They are inches away from seizing liberty and conveying ‘rights’ that do not exist.
We must find a way to stop them.