Town Hall Dress Code

Instapundit highlights a WP article by Robin Givhans that sneers at the Town Hall attendees because of their casual dress.  I’m fascinated that the WP has to bring in its fashionistas to the fray on health care to point their fingers at ordinary Americans exercising their rights–I take this to signal their despair and anguish over the fate of the program.

Glenn did his usual terrific job skewering Ms. Givhans as a snob, but I think his post missed a key point in her article.  She writes:

…the ugly American images coming out of these town hall shouting matches resonate in a way that does the nation no favors. It highlights the obvious disconnect between the politicians and the people they represent.(emphasis added).

Once again, liberals seem to worry more about our image abroad than the substance of the debate. Givhans is concerned more about the display of the disconnect between the Beltway and the nation and its impact on world opinion (or whatever) than she seems to be about the impact to all of our lives.

She really seems to be oblivious to the whole “We the People” idea.