The best $30 I've spent all year

When Erick put out the invite to the Red State gathering on August 1, I figured it would be a great way to connect with folks who have similar interests and gain more insight about them.  Since it would be in my own metro area, it would be easy to attend.

What I found when I arrived on Saturday morning was way beyond my expectations (couldn’t make the prelims on Friday, now much to my dismay).   For starters, there were a lot more Red Staters than I figured would be there.  The group of speakers that Erick rounded up were completely impressive, and the event went off pretty smoothly, in spite of flight delays and minimal staff. As the day progressed, we found that the ‘event staff’ was pretty much just Caleb, and he did a great job.

Hearing the various talks by the speakers was energizing and inspiring. Every one of them was a superior communicator with a compelling and relevant message. Every one of the speakers did a great job handling our questions.  Erick pulled together a balanced group of national and state level speakers in a very short time, a tribute to his hard work and influence.

Marco Rubio, Ted Cruz and Nikki Haley were quite simply amazing.  For me, their life stories were far more compelling and inspiring that the life story of a certain Supreme Court Justice nominee.  They are all fierce advocates for our Conservative perspective, and staunch defenders of the Constitution.  These are without question the candidates that should be elected to serve.  They get it, completely.

Thanks to everyone who made this possible.  Like the proverbial Cubs fan, I say ‘wait till next year’!