Imagine having a Cardiologist prepare your Will

We have a Congress and Senate that is made up of lawyers — at least 90% have a legal background.  We have a handful of doctors and a sprinkling of engineers and business owners.

So it can’t be a surprise that what they’re coming up with in health care is a complete muddle. Why do we expect anything cogent or useful to come from a series of debates and meetings among lawyers?  These are the same folks that have given us labor laws and environmental laws, and the paragon of insanity known as our tax law.

Instead of having them design the system through law, why don’t we ask them just to set up the basic framework of laws that enables fair competition and affordability?  What we really need them to do is wade through the morass of laws they’ve already passed and cut out the ones that aren’t working.

A far simpler approach that might work. If they were interested in results.