Time for a Walk Out?

Watching the Markey-Waxman Bill lurching through the charade the Democrats have made of the legislative process, I can only ask:  is it time for the Republicans to walk out?  

It is clear that the Democrats want no true give-and-take.  In spite of all their words of ‘bi-partisan’ efforts and support, they are interested in ramming things through with false melodrama about the crisis and that ‘this is the moment’ to accomplish whatever it is that they’re attempting.

This last adventure, where the 1,091 page bill is completely scrapped and a 300 page amendment put in its place at the last second is proof positive that there is no reason to participate.  I think ALL the Republicans should go to the microphones and explain that any bill that can’t be read prior to a vote will not get their participation. Period.  They should take today off and go play golf, or better yet, get on the phones and converse with the thousands calling in today to register their opposition.  Anyone remaining in the House Chamber for the vote should have to answer to Rep. Boehner, and maybe lose a little office budget or perks.

If no Republicans participated, the Democrats would bluster and accuse them of being roadblocks, but that’s happening anyhow. Inevitably the Democrats would have to retract, because at their core, they have no resolve.  They constantly are trying to enlist support from even a handful of Republicans so they can claim bi-partisan support.  Loss of that support would make them fully responsible, and they would be unwilling to go that far.

The whole thing is beneath the honor of the office they hold.  They should be ashamed.  We should hold them accountable.