Apply the New Standards to Community Based Organizations

Recent posts have shown that legislation, as well as  Porkulus,  are funneling large sums of money to ‘community based organizations.’

Given the President’s expressed idea that there ‘can’t be two sets of rules,’ it then follows that these organizations must also be treated the same way as the banks and other commercial entities that have received government funds.  The compensation of the executives and staffs of community organizations must follow the same caps, and the same scrutiny applied to the banks regarding their expenditures for private jets, office furniture and the like must also apply.  The same need for transparency also applies to the community organizations in terms of ‘opening their books.’

If the administration is unwilling to apply these same standards, then Congress should immediately act to suspend funds headed to those organizations.

Once the public can see what ACORN and the like are spending their money on, approval for their operations will decline.