Taking Air Force One Out for a Spin

Tonight the President took his first trip aboard Air Force One.  He had the crew take him 152 miles (actually a bit less in direct air miles), which probably took all of 25-30 minutes, but used a tremendous amount of fuel to lift the giant airplane aloft.

This trip was to meet with House Democrats on their previously planned retreat, and it gave him a chance to repeat his message of the coming catastrophe and to criticize the delay in the stimulus bill and the ‘tired ideas’ of the opposition.  Unfortunately for us, the ‘tired idea’ on display is the notion that we can spend our way out of a recession with the largest single spending bill in our history.

The trip came barely a day after he condemned the Wall Street and big corporation CEOs for their high pay and lavish life styles.

Where were the environmentalists protesting his extreme carbon footprint for this trip?  Where are the voices that might raise an issue over spending huge sums of money to use Air Force One in the midst of ‘the worst economy since World War II–or the Depression, or whatever it’s being called this week?

 Where is the President’s sensibility and grasp of the issues?  Can he not see the irony here?

This is probably not an example of how to gather support from Saul Alinsky’s book….