Massive Voter Fraud

The most distressing aspect of the massive voter fraud being discussed here at RedState is the origin of the problem: somehow we were convinced it would be a good idea for private groups to participate in the validation of our most basic right: the right to vote.

How did we ever depart from the normal processes of having people show up in person to the government offices in charge of voter registration? On what basis other than concern for those who were unable to come to the office during working hours?…and wouldn’t it have been simpler to have the voter registrars go to malls, schools or other public gatherings on weekends?

So now we’re in a position to have little to no trust that the actual results of the election are accurate, enabling either side to become malignantly obstructive to the conduct of government which results–much like the Democrat members of Congress treated President Bush for the last 8 years because of their incorrect contention about the vote in Florida. Allowing this happen is not in the best interest of anyone.

We should urge our Representatives and Senators to enact a consistent standard for voter registration that prevents interest groups and unions to continue these fraudulent activities. If we are to have private entities participate in the process, then the individual who signs another up should be made to place their name on the card and they should be held accountable for any fraud. We should also insist on some form of government issued photo ID as the basis for any registration; clearly 90+% of the people have a driver’s license, military ID or other identification, and as we have seen in Georgia, providing the means to all others is not a big deal.

We simply cannot continue to have this widespread corrosion of our most basic right. We must insist on something better.