The Man Child and the Mad Man

Did you happen to see President Obama’s speech on Libya last night. I refused to watch it as I feel my brain cells die every time he opens his mouth. If it sounded as dumb as it reads then I am sorry for anyone who sat through it. But let’s investigate the adminstrations waffling and ineptitude.

I missed Meet the Press this weekend, should have tuned in, because evidently SecDef Gates said and has said many times we are in Libya with an eye toward “Regime Change”. He started to repeat himself to David Gregory and SecState Clinton cut him off and changed that tune in a hurry. Evidently Gates (the only grown-up in the Administration) didn’t say much else the rest of the show.

So beyond the fact that his administration can’t get on the same page, BO decides to befoul the airwaves with his simmering ineptitude. Schedule to air early enough so as not to upset people wanting to tune in to “Dancing with the Stars,” I guess, House was a rerun so Monday’s TV was lost anyway, why not let BO impress us with his legendary oratorical (reading) skills.

Can the man appear before a camera and not take shots at President Bush, I have yet to see it. Even when those shots are unfounded and inaccurate. It came late in the speech, probably he was hoping folks would have nodded off by then, and missed it. I missed this one until Rush pointed it out this morning but he even took a shot at President Clinton about Bosnia.

Compare Obama bumbling and stumbling around; only giving speeches after things have happened and even then muddling his words until they mean nothing with President Bush’s speeches during the lead up to the “Shock and Awe” campaign which opened the Iraq war. One of the two was a real leader; the other a real idiot. Not to mention Bush went to the UN got resolutions, shared information with Congress, got their approval and had something like 80% popular approval before the first bombs fell.

Obama in his speech mentioned his coalition (smaller and less enthusiastically supportive, especially in the Arab world) than the “Coalition of the Willing” that joined us in invading Iraq. He mentions how we are transferring the lead role of the Operations in Libya to the UN and NATO. Never mind that the US for all intents and purposes runs NATO. To quote my favorite WWE superstar the Miz “Really….Really Mr. President?

Does he think anyone who pays attention doesn’t understand that NATO is the international equivalent of Diana Ross and the Supremes (or maybe Gladys Knight and the Pips).

Returning to his speech, sorry but that is what I am writing about, Obama insists that the “Regime Change” in Iraq took 8 years. For such a “brilliant” man he sure is an idiot. By the time there were American boots on the ground in Iraq the regime had changed. Uday and Qusay were about to be killed and Saddam was hiding in a spider hole.

The parallels between how the left views President Bush’s supposed hurry to go into Iraq and President Obama’s bumbling into Libya, are sickening. Bottom line we have no real goal or reason for being there; we have no exit plan; we have no timetable for our actions. All charges lobbed against George Bush without merit and yet I don’t see the media taking Obama to task for these things.

If this were purely a humanitarian effort as Obama tried to make it out to be, why aren’t US troops in Darfur, North Korea, China or any of the other places where there are equally atrocious human rights issues. Try again Bambi.

Someone wake me up when the administration gets their act together and decides what our goals are. Depose Qaddafi? Support the opposition? Humanitarianism?

And if you don’t think Americans will put boots on the ground in Libya, I have some wonderful ocean front property in Arizona I would like to show you.

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