America's Chihuahua In Chief

On April 9, 1986, Ronald Reagan called Moammar Qaddafi, “The Mad Dog of the Middle East”. Yesterday, his successor couldn’t even be bothered to name the man accused of strafing his own citizens with the military assets of their own country. Yet Barack Obama always tries to push some sort of connection to Reagan. It makes me want to vomit every time I hear someone bring those two names up in the same breath.

President Reagan believed very strongly in peace. Peace through strength. He didn’t feel the need to go pick a fight with anyone, but we would damn sure be ready should someone pick one with us. Obama on the other hand has spent his time in office, apologizing for America and continually weakening us at home and abroad.

As it is it was nine days, nine, seriously nine days before Obama could even be bothered to mention that there was something afoot in Libya. His handlers claim there were some scheduling conflicts….. WHAT!!!! You are the President of the United States, when the world is on fire it behooves you to clear some time from your schedule to address it Mr. President. Could be worse it was what three weeks before he acknowledged the oil spill last summer.

Seems when his buddies/donors are in trouble he sure has lots of scheduling conflicts preventing him from addressing those issues. Remember the vitriol hurled at George W. Bush for not wanting to terrify a group of third graders by running out of the room on 9/11. Where are those voices decrying Obama’s lack of mentioning Libya.

The greatest fighting force in the world has not been sent to a forward area to project our force. We could easily put a carrier group in the Mediterranean Sea and also put some assets near the Persian Gulf. Yet, we haven’t done any of that.

The Middle East is on fire from our allies to our enemies and we are sitting on our hands and hoping that nice things happen….really…We could with just a little effort likely turn what could potentially be a bad situation into a positive and create stability and democratic ideals in the region.

Yet we sit on our hands and weakly condemn violent force used by a man who was once the world’s number one terrorist. A man who was responsible for ordering the bombing of the La Belle Disco in 1986; The Pan Am Lockerbie bombing in 1988. These two events killed nearly 300 people and injured almost as many.

I have said since he was elected that Obama was a second term for Jimmy Carter, but that isn’t even a strong enough criticism. Carter was woefully inept to be sure, but I don’t think he was trying to weaken the US intentionally, he was just overwhelmed by the job. Obama’s foreign policy decisions make Carter look almost hawkish by comparison.

Watching the election results in 2008 as it became clear Obama was going to win I became very sad for the US. I wondered how bad things would get during what I tried to assure myself would be a single term. Now we are getting our answer.

Here’s looking forward to the next Reagan, whoever he (or she) will be.

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