Time for a third party [Comments closed.]

I’ve been thinking a lot about this and believe me I understand the multitude of problems for a third party in our two party system, but how can it be any worse?  Yes, the Republicans might win in November perhaps even take both houses, though the Senate will likely take until 2012.  But what does that get us?  Boehner, McConnell, Cantor, McCain?  I mean these guys were horrible when they were in power and they have been totally bulldozed by the far left since the election-they couldn’t even stop a deeply unpopular entitlement bill like Obamacare.   Can you truthfully say any of these people are small government conservatives?

In other words they failed as leaders, they failed in opposition, why in the world would we want to put them back into power?  So that they can spend like they did under Bush?  We need a party that understands and believes in the founding principles of this great country.  We don’t need a party who goes along to get along.  We need a party with leaders who are not afraid to say “NO.”    Not leaders who seemed more interested in slowing down statism, rather than halting it in its tracks.

It is time to stop thinking about who is the “less worse” and come up with an alternative that is actually good.