I'm disgusted

There are many things this administration has done which I have found egregious, the GM and Chrysler takeovers (thefts), the (soft) treatment of terrorists, and that idiotic Porkulus bill come to mind quickly.  There are many others, but I won’t list them here.

However, nothing comes close to the level of disgust I have for Obama’s (Cinco de quatro’s) policy towards the current situation in Iran.  Especially in light of his willingness to meddle on the side of the Mullahs and their thug allies (minders?) in the Revolutionary Guard and his willingness to directly meddle in Israel’s affairs on the side of the Palestinians.

Claiming the United States’s past history of meddling has been detrimental may have had a modicum of validity if he hadn’t gone out of his way on several occasions in the last few months to meddle in Iran on the side of the Mullahs.  Especially recently, when he gave the green light to develop a nuclear program  to a nation awash in oil, but admittedly bereft of oil refining capability.

For me he has lost all sense of the moral high ground for the rest of his presidency.  For the life of me I cannot fathom why our country is not standing firmly with the people on the streets calling for democracy.