Dreaming of a Nay vote!

With the news that Mary Jo’s killer was returning home to his sickbed, all we need to do is one more no vote.  Presuming of course that Harry tReidson cannot convince another Republican to vote for this horrible bill.  And the news that Sen Gregg has come back to the Senate increasing the pressure on the three stooges (Snowe, Specter and Collins, I have a forlorn hope that one of the three would come to their senses and vote Nay.    Can you imagine the bedlam that would erupt.  Maybe we could actually get a bill that would do something for the economy.  I’m not sure we need one, but the political reality is a bill is coming and I would much rather have a true stimulus bill than this one.

Whichever of the three would be something of a hero to the right; albeit a tainted one since he/she had agreed to the monstrosity in the first place.  That person would also be deeply hated by the left.

If one of the three stooges votes nay early in the voting, there is a chance that one other Republican can be convinced to yes, but he/she would be an anathema.  Also an early nay vote by one the stooges, may causse the other two to vote nay also since they would be voting for a losing bill at great political cost.

I’d love to see the look on Harry tReidson’s face if one of the three voted nay at the very end of voting or even better changed their vote to nay.

I’m hoping that Sen Gregg does nothing else until the actual end of the vote except trying to convince one of the three stooges to see the light.