Crazy like a fox!

This was written for a non-partisan BBS I have been posting at for a while, but I thought it was at least worth posting here also, obviously I have garnered some points from others.

As I watched and read the MSM and Democrats reactions to Sarah Palin I couldn’t help but laugh. There were all kind of comments and accusations ranging from Obama’s dismissive comment about Palin being an up and coming politican all the way to CNN’s Paul Begala asking if ‘John McCain had lost his mind?’

Well he might be crazy but if he is he is crazy like a fox. Whatever else happens Palin has absolutely electrified McCain’s base and completely taken Obama’s speech out of the news.

Every time the Democrats and the MSM talk about her inexperience it is scoring points for McCain, because real people can easily see she has more experience than the head of the Democratic ticket. When the Democrats and the MSM talk about her being from a small state (funny how they never talk about Delaware being a small state) and her being from a small town, they reinforce their image of elitism, thus once again helping John McCain.

When they talk about how Biden is going to destroy her in the VP debate, they forget about the Kennedy-Nixon debate in 1960. Those watching on TV thought Kennedy won the debate, while radio listeners thought Nixon ate his lunch. The difference was visual presence. Kennedy clearly had it over Nixon. When you compare that smile of Palin against Biden and his hairplugs it is easy to see who will have visual presence. Oh and unlike John Edwards who did everything he possibly could to beautify himself for the camera, Palin very intentionally dresses down by donning the schoolmarm/librarian look when appearing in public.

If you really want to understand the difference Sarah Palin made in this race look no further than the left wing and right wing blogs especially compared to their reaction to the Biden pick. With Biden the blogs reacted kind of ho hum, while with Palin both sides went crazy. The left went absolutely ballistic, much like the MSM, right now their hot topic of conversation is Palin’s son Trig is actually her grandson. Apparently there was some kind of massive coverup of the true mother’s identity that they could only get away with up in Alaska. While on the right people are talking about how for the first time they are excited about this campaign.

Oh about those Hillary voters, every single VP pick made in the last 50 years if not longer was about winning over some category of voters. Granted there will be many of them who simply cannot palate someone who is pro-life and to a lesser degree someone who believes in the right to bear arms. However, there are many independent and even some moderate and conservative democrat voters who will be inspired by real person/working mom enough to vote Republican to make this pick more than worthwhile.

Besides if you think about it many Hillary supporters feel that the MSM was very sexist in its treatment of Hillary vis-a-vis Obama and at least so far the MSM can arguably be seen as being sexist again. To illustrate none of them are arguing that Obama has no experience only that Palin has no experience. Since even a quick glance at their resumes shows Palin has more leadership experience, one can easily infer that the MSM believes a woman must have much more experience to equate to a man’s experience. Thus once more playing right into McCain’s hands.