Keeping Secrets about McCain VP

By this time last week two days before Obama had made his pick there was a lot of rumors/stories about it being Biden. Yet, the MSM praised the Obama campaign for being tight lipped (and thus well-organized), despite (the Obama campaign) being unable to figure out like Jake Trapper did that once Secret Service protection was given, the secret was out. Make no mistake that was a fiasco at the end. As I said in a previous post they should have released the name on Friday afternoon if not earlier in the day.

Right now, I haven’t seen any stories about who McCain has picked, perhaps with 20/20 hindsight the story will have been out there, but it is not evident to me right now.

Bottomline- McCain has done as good a job as Obama as keeping his pick secret, but I really doubt you will see any stories praising McCain for his ability to run a tight ship from the MSM. I also don’t think that the McCain campaign will make such an obvious mistake about release time for his pick. Somewhere around noon EDT on Friday would be best in my opinion.

Also I really doubt McCain will introduce the VP pick as the next President of the US.