Obama's main line of attack will ultimately fail

The Democrats are putting a lot of faith and money in the belief that they can equate John McCain to George W. Bush. Obviously that has not been effective to this point, with McCain actually leading in some polls in an election year where the Democrats clearly should have an advantage.

Their last tactic to beat the Republicans-claiming the surge wasn’t working didn’t work either, though they kept trying to use it for well over a year.

Equating McCain to Bush will not work either and they are going to lose a bunch of precious face time trying to beat a dead horse during the convention this week.

Both Gallup and Rasmussen daily tracking polls are clearly showing that picking Biden has not helped Obama at all. Indeed it probably has hurt him because everytime Biden attacks McCain for being Bush III, McCain will roll out Biden’s criticism of Obama and praise of McCain, thus almost completely negating that line of attack.

No doubt, Obama will give a great speech on Friday that his fan club (the MSM) will find awe-inspiring but the impact of that will be greatly offset by McCain’s pick.

Ultimately with a reasonable VP pic and a good convention speech, McCain should go into the debates with a small lead in the polls. Even fair showings in those will cement his lead.